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Welcome to
Women Shaping Cambodia 

 Where we celebrate the achievements and contributions of Cambodian women across various sectors. Our show aims to inspire and empower women by sharing the personal and professional journeys of these remarkable women and the challenges they have overcome to reach these positions.

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About Us

"Empowering Growth: The Women Shaping Cambodia" is your gateway to the celebration of the conributions and  accomplishments of Cambodian women leaders. We are passionate about illuminating their exceptional journeys, filled with resilience and determination, to ignite inspiration and empowerment.

Our mission goes beyond admiration; we are committed to advancing gender equality and celebrating the diversity that enriches Cambodia. These remarkable women are not just leaders, they are trailblazers, shaping the nation's growth and development.

By tuning in, you'll become a part of a vibrant community dedicated to supporting women's progress. We aim to foster meaningful conversations and collaboration among leaders spanning various industries and sectors.

Come be a part of this empowering movement, as we celebrate and amplify the potential of Cambodian women. Let their stories inspire you to chase your dreams and create a positive impact, both in your community and on a global scale.

Our Team

Kim Tol Tan

CEO Grow4Growth Consultant

Host and Creative Director The Women Shaping Cambodia Show

Sarvinoz Nuritdinova

CEO B2B Cambodia

Creative Director The Women Shaping Cambodia Show

Sophea Lun

Guest Relations Director

Eshanika Jitani

Content Creator


Anna Bendel



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